Subscribe to All Extensions

A common use case is to subscribe to the presence events on multiple or all extensions of a RingCentral account. This can be done with 2 API calls for accounts with 1000 or fewer extensions, one API call to get extension info for up to 1000 extensions and a second API call to subscribe to those extensions as event filters. Add 1 API call per each additional 1000 extensions.


To subscribe to presence events for all extensions, create a set of extension presence event filters including a presence event filter for every extension, and then create a subscription API call for the event filter array. A presence event filter includes the account id and extension id. A set of presence event filters in JSON format looks like the following:


Detailed presence events can be retrived by adding the detailedTelephonyState=true query string parameter


A full set of extension ids can be retrieved via the extension endpoint: /restapi/v1.0/account/~/extension. This has been tested with a single subscription API call and a set of over 2000 extensions.

The following code steps from the scripts/subscription_all_extensions.rb demo script in the Ruby SDK shows how this can be done.

Step 1: List All Extensions Ids

To get a list of all extensions, you can use RingCentralSdk::Cache::Extensions to retrieve all extensions of interest.

# Initialize client SDK
client = ...
client.login ... # Authorize

# Retrieve all Enabled extensions
extensions = client
extensions.retrieve({'status' => 'Enabled'}, true)
extension_ids = extensions.extensions_hash.keys

The SDK performs this using the following steps:

  1. Retrieve extensions using the account/#{@account_id}/extension endpoint
  2. If the retrieve all parameter is set to true, follow subsequent navigation.nextPage.uri properties until complete

Step 2: Build an Array of Event Filters from Extensions

To create an array of extension presence event filters of the following format:


Convert the array of extension above to an array of event_filters with the following:

# Create an array of event_filters from the array of extensions
def get_event_filters_for_extensions(extension_ids, account_id='~')
  event_filters = []

  extension_ids.each do |extension_id|
    if extension_id
      event_filter = "/restapi/v1.0/account/#{account_id}/extension/#{extension_id}" +
      event_filters.push event_filter
  return event_filters

event_filters = get_event_filters_for_extensions(extension_ids)

Step 3: Subscribe to Presence Events for an Array of Extensions

For the array of extension presents event filters, a single subscription API is needed as follows:

# Run the event filters in a single subscription API call
def run_subscription(client, event_filters)
  # Create an observable subscription and add your observer
  sub = client.create_subscription()

  # Add observer

  # Run until user clicks key to finish
  puts "Click any key to finish"
  stop_script = gets

  # End the subscription

run_subscription(client, event_filters)