Sending and receiving SMS is a core capability of RingCentral. Features include UTF-8 and long concatenated message support.


SMS requests can be easily using the client SDK.

# Instantiate client SDK
client = ...
client.authorize_password ... # OAuth authorization

# SMS using helper
  from: '+16505551212',
  text: 'Hi there!'

SMS can also be sent using the Faraday client directly.

# SMS using Faraday do |req|
  req.url 'account/~/extension/~/sms'
  req.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'
  req.body = {
    from: { phoneNumber: '+16505551212' },
    to: [ { phoneNumber: '+14155551212' } ],
    text: 'Hi there!'

Retrieving a List of Valid SMS Sending Numbers

When building an application that sends SMS it is useful to retrieve a list of SMS numbers to pre-select the from phone number. This can be done using the extension/phone-number endpoint and then selecting the phone numbers with the SmsSender feature. A common UX for this is to present a drop down element to allow the user to select a phone number to send from.

To retrieve a list of phone numbers, make a GET request to the extension/phone-number endpoint as follows:

# Phone Number example
response = client.send_request(
  method: 'get', # optional, defaults to 'get'
  url: 'account/~/extension/~/phone-number'

# Phone Number Example using Faraday
response = client.http.get do |req|
  req.url 'account/~/extension/~/phone-number'

This will return a list of phone numbers assigned the extension as shown below. Filter for the SmsSender feature and then use the E.164 phoneNumber property value.

  "uri" => ""
  "records"=> [
      "id" => 33333333,
      "phoneNumber" => "+16505551212",
      "paymentType" => "Local",
      "type" => "VoiceFax",
      "usageType" => "DirectNumber",
      "features" => ["SmsSender", "CallerId"],
      "status" => "Normal",
      "country" => {
        "uri" => "",
        "id" => "1",
        "name" => "United States"

Sending and Receiving SMS as the Main Company Phone Number

You can send and receive SMS messages from the main company phone number when authorized as the Operator Extension. By default, the Operation Extension is set to extension 101. This can be edited and assigned to other extensions in the Online Account Portal under "Auto-Receptionist" > "Operator Extension.""